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Team Forms

After going on a response, please complete the Response Survey!


Travel Vouchers should be completed immediately after the response, signed with BLUE ink, and mailed via U.S. Postal Service.

Sample Travel Voucher

Travel Voucher

Mileage rate.pdf

The Following Resources Provided for Current Team Members:

  • Definition: Current Team Member in Good Standing
  • Travel Vouchers and Sample Voucher
  • Forms
  • Interventions
  • Additional Information
Team Member in Good Standing

Team Members in Good Standing may take any of the courses KCCRB offers at no cost. 

Team Member in Good Standing:

·    Has a Current Membership Agreement on file, and complies with agreement

·    Abides by Membership requirements

·    Completed ICS 100 and ICS 700 of the NIMS courses (free, online; see below)

·    Holds current ID Badge and Accountability Tag.

·    Has submitted the ESF-8 and WCF

·    Is registered on KHELPS system

·    Has current KSP RECORD Request.doc on file


**A Reminder to All Team Members**

As a current KCCRT Member you can audit any KCCRB course you have previously taken and receive all of the latest and updated information at no charge.  You must register for courses by the deadline dates.



Assessment & Triage

One-on-One Psychological First Aid

One-on-One Crisis Intervention

Small Group Crisis Interventions

Large Group Crisis Interventions



Additional Resources

See Membership and Additional Resources in:

Online Resource Library


What is New?

Visit the 

Ongoing Education


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Important Information

Team ID Badge & Accountability Tag


All Team Members must have a current  photo ID. If you need a new ID Badge, contact KCCRB.


KHELPS Member Login


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